IMG_20120814_171628Hi. I’m E. Prybylski. I have been roleplaying since about 1997 and began with freeform in AOL chat rooms (Red Dragon Inne? Oh yes.), and then in high school I became part of a gaming group that ran D&D and V:tM. My first character (online) was a fallen angel whose destiny it was to end the world and bring it back anew. Despite the rose-colored glasses, the character was overpowered all to hell and about as deep as a mud puddle. We all start somewhere, right?

Since then I have roleplayed in any number of places from AOL chats to Forums to Furcadia and Second Life and beyond. I run a tabletop gaming group and participate in tabletop games with my friends whenever possible. I have successfully run several online gaming groups for multiple years and have a good deal of experience as a storyteller and game organizer.

When I am not blogging about roleplay and doing it, I am usually up to my eyeballs in manuscripts, working as an editor, publisher, and author for Insomnia Publishing.

In addition to the above pursuits, I also train in martial arts, am familiar with firearms, play music, and garden. I also herd my three cats, Misty, Sultan, and Monster along with my husband, whom I met through roleplay in Furcadia.