It’s kind of existential when you get down to it. It’s also got a lot of stigma around it. In essence, roleplay is that thing we all did as kids when we pretended we were cops and robbers, or Batman and Robin, or Power Rangers. It’s taking on the persona and identity of another person and writing their story.

Is it escapism? Is it evil? Is it the devil here to steal your soul? Yes to the first, sort of, and no to the rest. However, it’s no more escapist than playing video games or reading. Back in the 80’s and 90’s there was a fad of blaming roleplayers for violent deaths. Particularly people that played tabletop games like Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire: The Masquerade. Many roleplayers caught the backlash of that, and while it’s extremely sad that a few people chose to act as they did while playing the game (thus giving the rest of us a bad name), the reality is that the games are no more or less dangerous than any other pursuit.

Naturally, if you’re reading this, I am likely preaching to the choir.

So, other than a way to escape our boring, mundane lives, live out fantasies, or just have some fun… what is roleplay? At its heart, roleplay is writing a story with multiple other people. It’s the ultimate “choose your own adventure” where anything is possible so long as it fits in your world. It’s a story. With that in mind, roleplay can be crafted as any novel can be. It has certain elements, certain rules, and certain ways things do and do not work. Through the course of this blog we hope to address some of these things, answer questions, poke fun at things that are just silly, and maybe you will walk away having gained something.

So, if roleplay is just a story and we’re all authors… what does that imply?

Well, since this is a cooperative story one of the most important parts of it is that the authors cooperate. While creating lives and stories for ourselves and others we need to recognize that none of us is doing this alone. We can’t. Roleplaying by yourself is called writing a novel (which is, by no means, a bad thing). And it is with that spirit that we are all in this together to share these worlds, to share these stories, these characters, that this blog has come into being.

Also in that spirit is the fact that if you have a piece you would like to write for this blog simply comment on this blog or speak with me directly, should you know me. Above all, roleplayers are a community. There are many different facets to it (tabletop, LARP, freeform, and others that I likely do not know) but we are all doing the same thing, ultimately.